February Progress Report

IMG_8941The Impact Jasper Comprehensive Plan kicked-off in mid-June of 2018, with the first steering Committee Meeting on June 19th. The planning process is expected to conclude in August of 2019 and includes three phases of the plan development.


Three Parts.png

The first phase of the planning process has been completed and included a detailed existing conditions and market analysis, economic resiliency report, existing physical and natural features analysis, and community visioning and engagement. Engagement opportunities in this phase included key person interviews, focus groups, an online and mailed survey, interactive mobile display, public visioning workshop at the Parklands, a community outreach event at Strassenfest, youth engagement activities, and social media and website engagement.

Public Engagement

(Click for enlargement)

The following emerging themes were identified in that process.

Jasper Document Diagram_updated Themes.png

We are currently in the second phase of the planning process and are developing an overarching vision statement, community goals, and implementation strategies with the Steering Committee to be presented for public feedback on April 4th. Meeting details will be determined and announced shortly. Following the public open house in April, the vision, goals and strategies will be revised based on feedback and the third phase of the planning process will begin.

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